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VISIONto Wealth Newsletter Oct 9 2005
' Michael Rupert - the man who predicted 911 2 years earlier -'

This is a special invitation to those of you who are on my my various email lists. Wealth Information, Debt & Mortgage Solutions, Investment Information & the VisiontoWealth Newsletter.

This list is only for announcements - Special Events or free teleconference calls I can plug you into. If you are not interested in learning how to become financially independent or don't want to plug into people who are already out of the box thinkers this information is simply not for you. Feel free to unsubscribe at the link at the bottom of this letter. My only intention is plug you into critical information that has a direct impact on the quality of your life and your loved ones which you most likely will not be able to get access to anywhere else.

From time to time I can bring you special announcements and keep you informed of special calls I can plug you into. Michael Rubert is a man who will more than likely have a lot to say about the US elections and fill you in as to what is really going on around the world. This is information you will likely only come across one or 2 years from now when it becomes common knowledge. Michael's reputation is staked on thorough research which started early in his career when he happened to catch a government agency in the midst of a covert operation. He's been tracking them ever since and the world you know is somewhat different when seen from Michael's bird's eye perspective.

You will enjoy this. Furthermore it will give you some insights and predictors by which you can subsequently plan or prepare your family for in the near and distant future. Don't miss this - a fascinating focus for a Thankgiving converation and much, much more.




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