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The Internet
One Door to Financial Freedom

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The magic of the internet allows you to promote and sell information and services to unlimited numbers of people day & night at very little cost. Basically there are four ways to make money on the Internet:

1) Sell Services,

2) Sell Product,

3) Sell Information Products

 4) Become an Affiliate. 

Read through each strategy below and see which appeals to you the most and make a decision to take action.

Again as stated before, The Key to each of these strategies is . the Principle of Leverage - that is how can multiply your efforts, time and investment many many times over what you can put into yourself. One of the keys is to find out how other people have done it. "The road to success is paved by OPE (other peoples experience)".

The Internet - a System of Leverage

The beauty about the internet is the fact that it makes such an incredible use of this principle of leverage. With the internet the amount of people you can reach with a minimum of time and expense is incredible. The little guy can compete with the big guy - because you do not need a huge advertising budget.

With a little know how and very few resources you can reach an enormous amount of people for mere pennies. The internet is the ultimate level playing field, you could be handicapped, you could be bald, you could be . . . you could be in your underwear and make this internet business work and still have the same presence as a multi-national corporation.

Boiling everything down to the basics all you need is 4 things: a place where you can put your website (a host), an original name for your website (A domain name), a system of e-commerces & something to sell.

If you are befuddled right from the start - relax. Because you can reach so many people around the world for mere pennies, you don't have to be terribly sophisticated or knowledgeable to start an internet business.

Yes you can sell your services, you can sell products and you can sell information. But which one is your best stategy. Well . . .

1)-Selling your Services:

At its most basic level the Internet acts as a huge International directory. You can be make your presence know locally as well as internationally. Depending on the nature of your service business you can establish a niche speciality that you can market all over the world. If what you do can be transmitted over the internet you don't even have to go outside of your own local area to have a blosooming international business. The definitive bible on how to sell your service business has been put out by Ken Envoy. Subscribe to the free Service Sellers Masters Course. - How to, "Attract new clients from around the world ... Or from around the block".

You can sell your services by developing customer relationships. Inviting your visitor to subscribe to newsletters is one way you can promote yourself. A creative site can offer customer interaction and way to develop feedback while they are being serviced. Or the customer can initiate the services himself - electronic banking is one example. Services companies like and provide internet mail services for free. Their revenue comes not from their customers but from their advertisers who are looking for "eyeballs".

Some service sites entice you to visit their site by offering things for free so that you have a reason to visit their site and where they can promote what they have to offer. It is equilavant to free samples in a retail store and is offered as an enticement to visit. For a free nifty program go to . . .
To attract visitors Internet marketers provide useful information some set up chat areas giving potential customers reasons to continue to revisit his or her site. Most service oriented busines ineffectively use their website as a glorified business card to simply establish a web presence. But it can be much more than that ...Service Sellers Masters e-Course. 

2) Selling products is better than selling services 

only because while you can duplicate products you cannot duplicate your self or your time unless you hire employees and consultants and thats expensive. But with products, because you can reach so many people all over the whole world - there is no end to what you can sell - just duplicate product as you need it - that's what machines are good for - duplication. And whats a better machine that the internet - particularily if you can automate everything. This is the principle of leverage in action.

As [Michael Gerber in his must have business classic] you need to work on the business not in the business - start thinking systems and automation - you want to have 5 days, not 2 days off in 7 - at least at the start when things get going. And once you get one system going you want to move on to the next. Then you will have the time to do what you want, contribute your time to worth while affairs be it an amimal shelter, a junior sports league or your family.

Selling a product requires that you have something to sell. Some people make their site an extension of their retail business, it requires managing inventory, packaging and mailing activities.You can make and sell your own product or you may simply sell other peoples products and services such as books for [] or link to sites such as [Ebay].

3) Selling information is better than selling products 

you don't need to carry inventory, it can be printed as needed or sent electronically at no cost. You can produce your own e- products, buy the rights to and brand or lable other peoples material. [Check here for Internet Products you can sell.]

Selling information products is easily managable, can be easily reproduced on disk or CD for little cost and can even be sent electronically by email for immediate delivery. If you set it up right you don't even have to package and mail your own products. [Check here for information products you can sell.]

4) Become an affiliate

What if you can't think of anything to sell or do. Part of the solution is learning how to recognize opportunities - but really the easiest thing one can do is simply resell what other people offer - you don't need product, you don't need inventory, and you don't need to track sales or collect - All you have to do redirect your web visitor to another business you recommend. In return you can receive anywhere up to 50% of the amount of the selling price. And there are plently of affiliate programs out there. Ken Envoy has put an excellent free master affiliate e-course which gives all the ins and outs on what to do and what not to do and what to watch out for. Check it out.

Here is two systems I use to make passive income 1) Stone Evans has systemized a method whereby anyone can set up a passive income. He even has hired people if you join his advertising co-op to do the marketing for you Check it out: 2: This is an affiliate system with a difference - check it out - listen to the audios on this page on how you can make money:

Being an affiliate is not necessarily the most profitable route as you can make more off your own products but it is the easiest to start unless you have already spent the time to develope your own products. As you look closely at this site you will recognize that it is based on the affiliate business model. If you produce or brand your own information products and I suggest you also work towards that objective and get more leverage for your time and efforts. A good company will give you 40-50% commission on your sale and track your referred customers for two years or more.

Incidently Its important to track your links independantly to fine tune your copy and ensure the stats your affiliate company is providing is on the money.

For Info Go to Internet-Plus - For free Internet Services - Free Internet Based Business Software, Services

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