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Where do you begin? Well this has been quite a journey. I started out with the idea that politics was a dirty game and as such not the way to go if one wanted to contribute positive change in the world. The profession I choose was to be an architect, someone who could positively influence the environment we live in. The sober reality is, "Those that pay, call the tune." and so in the realization I was only a bit player in the whole schem of things, I began to become interested in wealth creation.

As a self employed businessman I took many courses from Dale Carnegie, Raymond Aaron, Robert Allen, Harv Eker and slowly came to the realization that this is a mental game verging on the spiritual. Robert Allen introduced me to the concept of "Muliple Streams of Income" and it was from him that the ideas of this site and its sister site "" came together.

But before all that it was Charles Givens that kick started this journey towards wealth. It was he who opened up the power to dream by introducing to me the basic principles of wealth creation. You see everyone or most everyone gets to that point that they realize this is "just as good as it gets" - the dream machine is turned off and life is a self fulfilling prophesy. This is where what you think about success is really a question of self determination. 

Marketing and sales seemed to be my weak point and so I was introduced to Jay Abraham and Michael Oliver.

Michael introduced me to the concept generically know as "Counsellor Selling" which incidently Jay Abraham emphatically endorses. I have heard him state he will never invest in any company that does not teach this approach to sales and marketing. Because of my interaction with Michael I was asked to ghost write a book on counsellor selling or "Natural Selling" as he calls it which ended up becoming a Canadian best seller . It was Michael who introduced me to the concepts in "The Secret" way those ideas were popularized. Ideas such as 'The Law of Attraction' and 'coming from service' as that is very much a part of his departure from classical sales which in his words are blantant Madison Avenue type manipulation.

About the same time I began to become aware that wealth creation is only part of the equation. To paraphase Robert Kiyosaki, " The only thing that matters is how much you keep". And so I became interested in ways to preserve wealth - asset protection. You can visit my sister site

Fundamentally this has to do with 1) getting rid of Debt 2) using the principle of leverage in creating wealth and 3) structuring your affairs in such a way that you can minimize your taxes and your exposure to litigation. The traditional way of dealing with taxes is to form a corporation and to take it to the next degree, a trust or foundation.  However there is another way which is out of the box. You see once you understand that corporations, trusts, organizations and even countries are a formulation of the mind through contracts the whole universe of possibilities open up. Without going into any detail this is what is meant to paraphase again, "When in Rome pay head to Ceasar, when outside of Rome pay heed to God". In otherwords we are for the most part governed by rules that we as men make up, these rules fall into jurisdictions be it Corporation, City. State, or Country.

Outside of those rules of man are the rules of the creator or if you prefer the rules of the universe which apply to all no matter what your status or creed. Operating under those rules it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that the rules of man do not hold a candle to the rules of creation. And so the question arises under which rules do you wish to operate under. To learn more on this concept go to and be prepared to receive a rude awakening.

Another avenue of influence as of late is coming form the political and economic direction. Understanding what money is and what money isn't inevitably brings together everything we are taught not to speak about - politics and Religion. For this reason concepts of what is a "Republic" and what is a "Democracy" enter into the picture as it has every thing to do with our fundamental rights to keep what we create. And here the example of the United States plays a role in terms of how fast it became a wealthy and powerful nation bringing unprecented prosperity to its citizens in its first 200 years. Understanding how the system of money played a role in its demise is instructive. To this understanding I owe to the Larouche Group who promote the economics of the American Carey who they contest that along with Hamilton were responsible for the economic power the United States enjoyed in its hayday.

So as may now realize you are on a journey which crosses the gambit from materialism to spiritualism with economics and politics sprinkled inbetween for good measure. Fundamentally everyone wants to live the life of our dreams whatever that might be. At one time that was embodied by the words, "The American Dream".

Currently I am on the 4th step of a 12th step journey with another organization which seems to embody all these ideas mentioned above it is a much more intensive course in self-mastery and wealth creation you are welcome to join me: 

Les Raketti December 28th 2010