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  Wealth is

Les Raketti

Issue No. 4 "Mindset"- "WEALTH IS"-


Today our focus is on the wealth and success, however wealth is one of those terms which in the true sense of the word is meaningless as it means different things to different people. Success at one extreme may be making it through another day and being able to greet the morning once again. Wealth may be having your children around you.

To another success may be defined in how we feel we are perceived by those around us as we surround our selves with symbols of success - not with standing the fact we may become a slave to it.


        - "WEALTH IS".- Focus on a Vision to Wealth - Les Raketti

VISIONtowealth is really about a Journey From what I know it is a process that starts with your attitude and expectations. Apparently we all have our views and opinions of the world and how it works. Most of these views we have inherited from our parents along with learned behaviors. This more likely than not has taught us to act from fear and obligation instead of from love and abundance - what some people call wealth and success.

What will eventually become clear is that your success is only
something that comes from within you, once you realize who you
are, why you are here and when there is no difference between
who you are and what you do. But don't believe what I say,
perhaps with these "Focus" interviews similar to the previous one
with Jack Canfield and our next with John Murphy it will become

Every three weeks I will continue to present a "Focus"
on the strategies of the masters. Through them you will be able
to eventually realize what they all have in common and what it
takes to become extremely wealthy or successful by your own

I would like to go by the Buck Minster Fuller's definition of
what wealth is: Wealth is how long you can go, should you be
unable to earn an income? - one month, two months, a year, 5
years? Are you 2 years wealthy, five years wealthy or infinitely
wealthy. I would say you are infinitely wealthy when you can go
on infinitely.

How do you achieve this? First of all by stretching your
expectations and changing the way you view the world. I would
suggest you consider the concept of "Multiple Streams of Income"
to use a book and term coined by Robert Allen, and now his new
book is Multiple Streams of Internet Income". Essentially if we
grant that the world is unpredictable, a job today is a dot com
gone tomorrow, we need to set up various ways to prop us up
should we lose the one means of support most of us are counting
on. In an upcoming focus interview, Jay Abraham focuses on the
concept of the Parthenon in business. Create so many streams of
income or marketing support in your business so that if one
kicks out you are still standing. the web site focuses on three major streams
of income where it is possible to earn 20% or more on your
investment, that being Real Estate, the Internet and Stocks. The
principle at work in each of these 3 areas is leverage. Learn
what return on investment you should expect if you have a millionaire


The Next Issue is on the topic, "Permission to Succeed"



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