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  The Elephant Story - Limiting Beliefs - If you Don't like Your Results - Change How you Think!

Les Raketti

Given the same information some people succeed some people don't. The reason for this is tied very much into how you think and what you believe. You are living proof of the results you are achieving.

If you are not happy with your results maybe just maybe you might consider changing the way you think and what you believe. You have to have a prosperity mind set. As Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad puts it, "You need a financial education".

Getting a financial education is more about seeing opportunities and being open to the possibilities, it is more than learning 'how to'. It is a matter of taking personal responsibility and learning how to take control of your life. As multi-millionaire Raymond Aaron puts it "Most people spend more money putting stuff on their head than in it".

Ultimately, what I hope you will take away from this verbal batter is to realize how important your conditioning is in keeping you where you are... and that there are two things you can do to break free. It is all about being aware. The story below is instructive:

An elephant when it is small is tethered by a stout chain to a post. Over time this chain is replaced until finally a flimsy rope serves the same purpose. Just like the elephant we are imprisoned by our own limiting beliefs, we had while we were growing up.

The tether that holds us to mediocrity begins with our formal education, my quest is to assist you in awakening that unique spirit within you so that you can enjoy the abundance that is all around us.

You can do it two ways 1) by self education that is knowing who you are, what you want, and what you are entitled to as a free agent and 2) by taking consistent action and responsibility for your future. In an entrepreneurs context, I address that aspect in my free newsletter using the example of other peoples experience in the realm of success.

Outside of that, the first step is understanding where you are - understanding the social, governmental and financial tethers all around you and how this is limiting your freedoms if you allow it.

This understanding will guarantee you a life most of us have forgotten to dream about any more. Not only is it possible to achieve the life of Reilly, to borrow an old expression, it is right within your reach - the only thing, like the elephant, that is stopping you is how you think.

Like the elephant you are much more powerful than you realize, more powerful than any corporation, any court and any government - once you are aware of who you are, the power you have and how to exercise that power that has been endowed on you by your creator. This is not as much a religious position as much as it is a spiritual one and one grounded in an understanding of universal law.

However lets not be deluded by false expectations. For example you imagine yourself becoming fabulously rich or to use a physical analogy believe you are superman but the proof is if you can fly off the empire state building in defiance of the law of gravity. The point is natural law operates despite your belief system and so you must first align your belief system with what works and begin from there.

Now just simply imagine yourself as the elephant - blissfully powerful in your own being and with every right to roam the earth without any restrictions or fear in the pursuit of happiness and a good life. That feeling is the best analogy I can think of in communicating what true freedom really is.

All you have to do is align your belief system with natrual laws and then step forth accordingly. Now that is easily enough said but the problem is getting rid of the tether of our delimiting beliefs - how society has conditioned us to think and that primarily is what wealth training  is all about.

Now lets see if you can change your expectations - its one of the first steps in changing your belief system. 

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