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Stock Resources

This page is organized into 6 categories, Newspapers, Newsletters, Magazines, Television, Websites Research News. There is something for everyone. The information has been filtered through various sources and will save you a lot of time in getting up to speed. Your comments and recommendations are most welcome.



Investors Business Daily (IBD):
This is a great newspaper as it is laid out with a ton of information. I recommend attending Mr. William O'Neil's free seminar when he comes to your town, as this will help you learn how to read his paper. Just spend some time with it and it will give you some great companies and news on those companies. The IBD also has a nice rating system using grades like they did in school with A's B's and C's, and we know which grade is better.

I think Barrons is an important part of your reading list as it tends to MOVE THE MARKET. When I say this I mean that so many people read Barrons, it has an effect on the Monday morning following a story. Usually Barrons is negative and bearish and therefore any company or sector that they decide to hammer will feel the force of the blow come Monday morning. This could set up a great PUT play or even a bottoming and cost reduction allowing you to get in a LEAP down the road. Usually the Barron's effect only lasts a few days and then the stock or industry recovers. If you look at theB2B sector, once Barrons wrote the negative article and listed all of the B2B stocks and how quickly they would run out of cash, the entire sector tanked and months later it is still down. This was not the only reason it tanked, but it was fuel to the spark.


The Dines Letter: There are a lot of newsletters out there and some are quite pricey, however I really like Mr. Dines letter. He is one of the oldest newsletters on Wall Street and he has been a leader in predicting market tops and crashes. I like the Dines letter as it give quite a bit of information on many equities, markets, technologies and keeps your eyes on the STOPS and EXIT points. You can get his letter at


Red Herring:
This is a GREAT magazine. It is usually full of information and it is almost impossible to read it all. The key is to read the table of contents and find the stories that peak your interest. This magazine covers new technologies, especially in the tech sector. Since the tech sector will be the fastest growing sector in the coming years, it will be important to be on top of the game and ahead of the crowd on new technologies.


This is a decent channel in regard to the news and stories. I think sometimes they move the market with hype and over bearishness, however it is what most investors watch. Insure you don't get sucked into the crowd and their picks as that could cost you money, but they will often times have some great stories, new companies and interviews with CEOS.

Bloomberg TV:
This is a more neutral show in regard to the market; the commentators and anchors are not as good as CNBC, however for just straight news and market information it is great.

I spend a lot of my time on the net and this is a great place to find candidates and stories.

This website offers plenty of information and updates. In volatility central you can find Implied and Historic volatilities. Steve has put together a great site and for those who take him up on the subscription, you will have access to a tremendous amount of information, scans, candidates and education.

This is a great FREE site. It will give you information on earnings, number of shares outstanding, ratings, competition and other valuable information. I highly recommend this site for research.

Bloomberg offers news stories on specific companies. They have recorded interviews with CEOs, which is nice to listen to while researching the site.

This is a great site to find SEC filings

This is a great site also; this is the site where you can read SEC filings for free.

The CNBC site offers additions to the TV channel, but a decent site.

The CNN site gives more information and news stories.

Like the magazine, it covers new technologies and industries.

This is another news site with good information.


Ask Merrill -- Merrill Lynch's research site. Access to the research is free for a limited time as long as you register.

Yahoo! Finance

CBS Marketwatch

Market Guide -- This site, sponsored by J.P. Morgan, bills itself as the Internet's most complete source for worldwide financial data.

Multex Investor Network -- Large storehouse of research from firms such as Merrill Lynch, JC Bradford & Co., etc.

TotalInvestor Clear, simple list of finance-related links.