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The 3 Ways to Wealth
Real Estate, Financial Investments & the Internet

Click on a door Enter REAL ESTATE Investments Enter STOCK Investments Enter the INTERNET Information HIghway!

Traditionally there were only two ways of getting better than a 20% return on your investments. Real estate and investments in the stock market. Today with, the Internet, there is a third way.

Read through each strategy and see which appeals to you the most and make a decision to take action. Through out this site I have set it up so that there are a number of ways you can get access to more resources to get you started on your path. How you do it is up to you.

 STEP THREE:  Go to Door No. 1  Real Estate Investing

The Key to each of these strategies is . . . the Principle of Leverage - that is how can multiply your efforts, time and investment many many times over what you can put into yourself. One of the keys is to find out how other people have done it. "The road to success is paved by OPE (other peoples experience)".

One shortcut to success is to find out what works from other peoples experience - you don't want repeat all their mistakes on the way to the top. You won't live long enough to get there finding out everything yourself. You also have to work on your own personal development because the biggest obstacle standing in your way is you, yourself.

In the process of growing up one, ironically one of the things we are taught for our own safety is that you can't do this and you can't do that - you need to get over that kind of programming which is preventing you from taking action and moving forward on the road to independence - you need to grow up and not rely on luck, fate or anything else.

You may wish to take full responsibility for your self and your situation if you seriously intend to become independantly wealthly. NOTE I said "intend" not "wish" . "Intend" is connected to a taking steps of action "wishing" is something akin to hoping what will happen to you is for the best.

In one case the action is happening 'because of you' in the other case it's happening ' to you'. In one case your intention has lead to results, in the other case you are waiting to receive a handout! This is a fundamental difference between a POVERTY MENTALITY or lottery mentality and a PROSPERITY MENTALITY. This is what this website is all about. Change your expectations and you change your results.

Don't blame your past, your luck, your circumstances - take on this responsibility of getting results for yourself . Take full responsibility for where you are right now - at this moment. This is the first step in moving forward to a life of prosperity. The blame game is the same game. Taking responsibility is deciding that if its going to happen, its up to me - end of story!

If this website can get you fired up, kick started then it has served it purpose. Its a matter of waking up and becoming aware that you are the centre of your universe and everything that happens to you is because you're behind it.

Of course we all are faced with challenges, but what is, is, if I got one leg -I got one leg. Of course I rather have two but blaming someone for my misfortunes is not going to change what is - is it? The question is, "okay, so be it - now what can I do about it? This question gets one out of mentality of hopelessness and despair and puts you on the path of action and self-responsibility. Read Steven Covey's book. The Seven Habits of Effective People.

Now if you think this site will help other people - do them a favour send them here - put them on the newletter list - in the world of abundance there is more than enough for all. The sooner everyone gets on board in determining the course the course of their life not leaving it to chance the sooner we will all have a bettter world live in.

9-11 doesn't have to happen - despair drives us to desperate acts. 9-11 was a wake up call for all of us. We don't have to slave all our lives tied to having to pay off our 'mort'age or revolving credit cards. "Mort" by the way comes from the french term for 'death' - literal translation, "till death". Nobody works as hard as a 'free' slave - but there other ways of winning this game of life - a life of abundance is a wonderful life and it has everything to do with how you have been progammed to think. Change the way you think - Change your expectations - as we always get what we expect.

P.S .I should set this up as quiz - the millionaire game - maybe later ;-).

One millionaire will create at least 100 jobs, I want you to be one of them. The Trick question at this point - what is your expectation? What kind of thoughts do you keep in your own head? How do you think? Do these thoughts help you or do they hinder you? Those are the real million dollar questions in the real game of "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

Prosperity thinking is really a factor of how you think and what you expect and what you expect is determined by the strength and purity of your intentions.

From my perspective, if you can help others along the way then we are that much closer to eliminating poverty on the planet. Don't get me wrong here, I am not talking pie in the sky because if he can do it, I can do it, if I can do it, you can do it.

If you can do it, anybody can. Its a question of how can we help each other become independant but first we need to prove it to ourselves that it is not a fantasy or an impossible dream. You see if you don't believe it , its not going to happen. And if you don't borrow from the experience of other people who have walked the path, it going to take you forever to walk down all the detours of forgotten dreams. A good book on the subject - "Who stole my cheese?"

In my free newsletter series they are a lot of examples of how other people managed to break free - sign up, what do you have to lose - how you think? ;-)

Now lets look at Real Estate Investing as one of three strategies to wealth you can take to financial freedom.

STEP THREE:  Go to Door No. 1  Real Estate Investing

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