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Basics: Domain

a- Choose a Domain Name


Again as stated before, The Key to everthing you do is . this Principle of Leverage - I am going to beat this into you until you get it - just kidding!- Always ask yourself this, "How can I multiply your efforts, time and investment many many times over what I can put into it myself.?"



a)-Choosing Your Domain Name- Leverage?
Yes - Your Ultimate Success Depends on it.

  • You want to have your own domain name (YOUR you decide or wish to move to another provider. That way your customers can continue to find and do business with you.

  • To maximise your LEVERAGE nstead just getting a domain that like and 2. is available lets get the most bang for our efforts by choosing a site name most likely to be choosen by your customer searching for your product or service. Put yourself in their shoes. Who are they? What do they like? and What would they be likely looking for? Write it down.

  • If your site is called and you are selling tobasco sauce - no one is going to find you. Ideally you would want to pick a name such as I just posted up a new site recently (3/40 pages completed) called Each word had a fairly high search term profitabily rating using a program designed to ensure the profitabily of your site starting with the theme you choose for your site and words you use in its content. The Google rating for that site is 5 which is quite high for a brand new site.

  • Go to and play around using the "Term Suggestions Tool" using probable search terms people would use trying to find your website. Pick the best responding terms and write them down for future reference. ie. "Hot Sauce", "Condiments" . . .

  • Go to and enter search terms and see which are responsive and which don't show up at all. Mind you if you get amillion hits for the term sause that will be the amount of sites you will be competing with. A better term might be "Mexican Hot Sauce".

  • Look at the top sites your search pulled up in Google. Go to those site and in your browser menu bar, mouse pick on "view" and then "source". Look at the meta tag "keywords" that they are using to get top search engine listing. Write those down.

  • Try Word Wizard with you best terms for some probable names

  • Try Domain Twist for some word combinations. I tried Hot-Sauce & Mexican and is available!

  • If you want to search for a domain in a specific language go here Multilingual Translator

b) Most people have experience the anoyance of having to change their email addresss because they have change internet providers or because theiri internet provider has gone out of business or they moved from a telphone line to a cable service.

One of the biggest advantages of having your own domain name is that your email address is fully under your control. What most people don't know is that it is very simple to direct where you email is sent if you have full control of your mail box or "mx" settings.

If you conside your email address The domain name is registered in a central directory. And when computers get your name or email address they look it put in the central directory to see where they should send it.

Well you can go to this directory anytime and change the your email destination address. To give you an example how this may be useful, say I signed up with my email address to spamnews. Because I have full control of my mx setting I made up the email address

Normally my email would be sent to my hotmail email account. Now lets says all of a sudden I started to get a ton of garbage emai at that account - well all I have to do it id direct it to a non-existent account ie. I use for that purpose - problem solved.

In the same way if you changed your internet provider tp let's say shaw cable you just redirect your email now to The of thumb is never use the email address the internet provider gives you as that name is fixed. If a spammer passes your email address to multiple parties you are doomed to be buried in email.

Here another trick I do is use a web based email provider as my main email provider. I direct all email addressed to as well as 10 other domains to that email address.

As automatically changes my from address when I reply to email I can pick up and send all my email fron one convenient place. Neat eh! and I never use my real fast mail address. Another advantage of this web based email provider - its rigidly virus checked and no virus containing email has reached my computer in over two years - except once when I stupidly downloaded a file from a site I should of know better. I receive 100's of email every day and about once every two weeks a virus is intercepted before I even see it.

Incidently the best virus checker by far for your personal computer is AVG Their main customer base is big business - the free download is merely a loss leader to introduce their appliction of industrial strength products. If you are in trouble with your machine use this web based address as a back up go trend micro

In the same fashion having control of your domain name also allow you to redirect your website from one location to another. Say for example my hosting company was knocked out by the blackout we recented experied (Aug. 2003) well I could up load my web files to another provider, change my redirection setting with a matter of minutes and within 24 hours my website will be ccessible all over the world. It takes that long for all the directories around the world to be updated.

Where do you go to have full control of your mx and domain settings. Go to they will allow up to control up to 5 domains for free. Beats waiting for a technician to get back to you when every minute your off line is money lost or a potential customer gone. Typically you get charged for this service at rate of a zillion dollars an hour for something that takes less than 2 minutes to implement.

If your interested in getting instructions on how to set all this up send me an email - Les.


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