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  Dinar Currency Scam

By A. Montana

One of the topics that I get the MOST feedback on is how many people think this investment is a scam. Listen up, readers – I’m going to set the record straight once and for all about this Dinar Currency Scam.

a3-iraqi-dinar First you need to know about the Dinar Currency and what the hype is about. The Iraqi Dinar Currency that is used today in Iraq is arguably the most sophisticated currencies in the world. The technology that makes it almost impossible to effectively produce usable counterfeit dinar currency is amazing. When checking your Dinar Currency to spot fakes, you can check for:

  1. Metallic Ink
  2. Embedded security Thread
  3. Horse Head Watermark
  4. Color Changing Symbol
  5. Ultraviolet Feature that glows the Denomination Value (Currency amount)

dinar security

Now you know what to look for in your Dinar Currency, so what about the investment itself? Is investing in the dinar currency a scam?

Well, that’s a tricky question. First – look at the source of your information. If your intel is suggesting that you will be made rich overnight, tonight, guaranteed – you’re a victim of hype and you’re probably going to be disappointed. The simplest concept you need to understand when talking about the Dinar Currency is that nobody is going to be able to tell you exactly when it will revalue.

But does that mean the Iraqi Dinar Currency hype is a scam? Absolutely not!!!

Here are a couple of very real facts. Iraq has a majority of the world’s natural reserves and crude oil, putting it on the same level as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. If you know anything at all about Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, you should know that their currency is very valuable and their natural resources are the reason. So, why isn’t Iraq as rich as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? That answer is simple – they only recently established a stable government, elections are now being held successfully, and the march towards financial recovery is progressing steadily. Crime and terrorism is lower and lower all the time! And just as importantly – the Iraqi people are unjustly impoverished as a result of the recent chaos, and they cannot remain in that situation for much longer – not when they control a major amount of the world’s “black gold”.

The question, then, is “When will the Dinar Currency of Iraq Revalue?”

My guess is soon… very soon. This investment is not a scam, but you must be prepared to wait for things to happen. It may revalue, or reinstate, to a previous level which would make many of us rich overnight… or it might grow slowly, over time, giving a nice return on an investment that many of us were smart enough to make. One thing I do know, for a fact… the Iraqi Dinar will not stay at 1170 forever.

Feel free to post specific questions in the comments section, and best wishes to us all. Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter if you’d like occasional Dinar Currency and news announcements sent to you.

-Adam Montana

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