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Essential Ingredients

(Part 2)

 Issue No. 4 "Mindset"- "WEALTH IS"-


Today our focus is on the wealth and success, however wealth is one of those terms which in the true sense of the word is meaningless as it means different things to different people. Success at one extreme may be making it through another day and being able to greet the morning once again. Wealth may be having your children around you.

To another success may be defined in how we feel we are perceived by those around us as we surround our selves with symbols of success - not with standing the fact we may become a slave to it.

"WEALTH IS" - Les Raketti

Of the many people who we would agree by any definition are successful, 1/4 of those who are the most wealthiest people in the world don't have a college degree.

Many accept as a belief that they need a degree to achieve success.

My wife is a successful entrepreneur, as a high school graduate she took on a credit debt to run a retail trade store. Money started flowing right from the
start. The business did so well that in ten years she had 80 stores and sold them for 30 million dollars. She became known as the mattress queen strictly by focusing on her customers desires and wants.

I graduated and struggled selling newspaper subscriptions un till I got marine training in the computer business. After I started reading success magazines and became a success junkie and only then I started thinking like successful people.

If you were to ask me if my degree helped me be successful, I would have to say no. Things started to look brighter for me after college, from spending time in the bookstore, the library, from applying what I learnt and taking a chance.

Recipe for Success:

First look at what are your strengths.

If this applies to you, first overcome the belief that you can't make it without going to college.

Look at your opportunities. Your brain is the most powerful force on this planet. Think of all the inventions around today, once they were mere thoughts.

What they all have in common is that they were all were once problems waiting to be solved. When you are able to solve bigger problems, the better you will be paid.

Education doesn't matter, SOLVING Problems EARN MONEY.

Billionaires solve billionaire problems. Bringing millions of dollars of value to their work are people such as Michael Dell, Steven Spielberg, Ralph Loren, Ted Turner ...

What each has done can determine what problem they
solved. Bill Gates solved the problem of incompatibility and lack of standardization with the
computer operating systems we now know as "Windows".

Overcoming the path of resistance and the limitations coming from our past is part of our process of
development. If we all had perfect parents and perfect friends growing up creating a sense of who they are, we would also inspire greatness.

I help readers overcome these barriers to success. Yes it really possible to change. Your past is how you came to be who you are, but you can change this.

Affirmations are problems we acquire, affirmations not
necessary specific to our selves but true to life.

For example, hurtful words ringing with their truths come only from a troubled soul, so don't let hurtful people ruin your life.

Relive and experience each time you were hurt - if you can relive it, then let it go, for your own sake, not to relive that pain, but to purge it from you.

Great achievement come from individuals arising out of great obscurity, Napoleon and Churchill for example. Every one of us on earth is here for a specific reason. For each of us, "there is something important I have to accomplish in this world".

In Junior High one is on an emotional gauntlet. The lower you start out, the harder the fight. One on bottom has to struggle and deal with obstacles, disappointments and setbacks. IRS statistics show us that there is 7.5 million to 1 380,000 new millionaire
every year. If you apply yourself the odds is 1:383 that you will be a millionaire and this is just a natural progression. All you have to do it apply yourself.

Typically in my research on millionaires, I find out they started out as poor. But they have the desire to go ahead and take action and they try. Trying and taking active steps is part of the formula.

One other, is asking ourselves, "what is it that we are really out to do?" My wish is to share with others the reasons for their success, looking up to them as mentors.

Start to see what is brought out involuntarily when we interact with other, and just learn about yourself from others, sometimes good, sometimes bad, images all. Ask the question am I good human being? , Creature on this planet tend to look at it from what we do, demonstrate ,or seek out through our actions.

Try to answer this question, "Because I made money, do I accomplish my goals?"

As you look around everyone else is asking this as well. All we can do is answer that question for everyone else. We all are looking for that positive stroke. If you do it people are going to like you more. "Hey Freddy, how happy to talk to you." "Hello old friend" "Hello good buddy" - Your tone in voice, how you greet them - "I am so glad to talk to you" - build that kind of relationship, this is what propelled my wife to the top.

Your wife, brothers, sisters if you can answer,
complement them in words, actions, and choices, Every one is walking around with that empty question in their hearts, that sense of this feeling of success is the answer to this question. Once you reach that threshold then you can help other people with that answer they are seeking.

Those that accomplished great things had a mentor in life - someone a parent, a teacher, someone who has given them a sense of value in their life. If you are mentoring, if you can do that for people, they do feel great loyalty towards you, but it must be appropriate or people will not take it seriously.

From my wife I learn if you want to make money treat your employees well, she does it naturally. This leads to low turnover and high profit margins. I learn a lot from this book and applied it to people I work with. This my first book and now pursuing my passion to publish it.

Once you can overcome self doubt you can over come anything . Self doubt and fear are natural. All millionaires have their reservations, and are nervous of failure, but experiencing failure, teaches you volumes and coming back earns you even more. They learn that they can bounce back and be no longer afraid.

My friend, don't feel that, "I am too old, too young, not educated, etc." If take the attitude that of this old friend, convey with your eyes a smile, a warm firm handshake, it won't matter what you don't have. It won't matter to people. When people make you feel good, you say hey I love this guy no matter. if he is too fat, too young, too poor or too old.

If you can convey you are a nice person they will forgive everything else and every successful person I know have great people skills, they make other people feel great.

For your own purpose use this affirmation - why god, yea I am good - once you cross this threshold and start learning and hand this affirmation to others, I find it builds loyalty to me. It works with lawyers, bankers and everyone else. This is my major "Ah Ha" - am I good
- This is my own thinking but looking at others, who have been captains in their industry, a simple appropriate praise always breeds loyalty.

Our culture says the one road to success is college, but there are many roads to success, - create a destination and create a roadmap and start moving towards it.

Right now I am doing shows 60 different TV spot 1000 on radio, and am now pitching national TV. One thing to know is that fear is very natural, if our troops are in combat they do it anyway - if you have fears and doubts in your self when you get up to plate - do it any ways. The book is available at Barnes & Noble toll free 1-800-thebook. My web site is after.

Someone should write a book about the factors that make you successful are independent of your college degree. My next book perhaps, "75% did not, 25% did achieve Success in spite of a college degree - its a book for the rest of us ;-).


The Next Issue is on the topic, "Permission to Succeed"