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  Welcome to the VISION to Wealth Web site. My goal is to provide you with a useful context which will assist you on the road to financial freedom.-current updates

To Your Success!
Les Raketti

Before we get to the real stuff...we've got to clear away the very real and common misconceptions that most people are making right now but first let me show you how to make the best out of this site.

HOW TO USE  this site:

FIRST Learn why its critical to know the wealth formula.

SECOND Discover the importance of the millionaire mind set and thethree basic ways of creating wealth or strategies to wealth. You'll also find out where and how to create winning strategies and little known but easy ways to get phenomenal returns for your investments.

THIRD Learn from the masters and hear what they have to say about success by subscribing to the VISIONtoWealth Newsletter [top left]. From these articles you will see success has as much to do with your belief system and approach as it has to do with learning the  "How to". This piece on Canfield, "My Road to Success" -Jack Canfield! gives you an idea of how one man achieved success. The newsletter and other articles on this site will allow you to piece together what they all have in common.

FOUR: Check the News - you never know what you will find there.

This site is geared to people who want to change their financial situation and want to take advantage of ways they can leverage their time, money and resources to achieve independence.

One of the first steps is to change your expectations. This is your first step towards wealth. The elephant story below very clearly illustrates this.   Just  follow the links you find a the bottom of each section leading you to the next page in a sequence as you see here:

STEP ONE:  Go to Wealth Formula


The Elephant Story - Limiting Beliefs  - If you don't like your Results  - Change How you Think!

Given the same information some people succeed some people don't. The reason for this is tied very much into how you think and what you believe. You are living proof of the results you are achieving.

Click here for for the rest of the elephant story (it will then take you to the first step as above).