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You are in for a real real treat - these letters are primarily my own notes of interviews with millionaires and authors of success that I have been fortunate to have access to and am willing to share with you.
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Primarily my intention is to expose you or introduce you to the mental tools of success and give you some avenues where you too can break free in every sense of the word.

A lot of lessons can be learnt from the examples of different people from different walks of life. My hope is that you can take their examples and apply it to your own life. Should you wish to dig deeper I have provided links to books at or to an authors website or program. In that way I can partially subsidize the cost of producing this free newsletter - so I request your co-operation and understanding in coming from abundance.

Les Raketti aka MasterBuilder

"Masterbuilder" is a term used referring to the time when the architect was historically at the same time the planner, the designer, the structural engineer, the mechanical engineer, the civil engineer, the artist and the visionary in servitude to a patron who had the power, the wealth and the foresight to facilitate another world. Examples of great masterbuilders in history are Leonardo di Vince and Michealangio to mention only two. In servitude, what is mine is yours.

It's simple! Just "Stay tuned" for the next installment of this bulletin and let us introduce you to a fantastic business and a tremendous group of people interested in helping YOU achieve success!