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SPECIAL GUEST - SPECIAL CALL! JOIN Richard Cornforth this Sunday Night (March 14th 2005 ) at 8:00 PM! Richard has a very impressive track record all around the country for assisting people in discovering and implementing the laws regarding Void Judgments. Most court judgments are void because of fundamental issues regarding lack of jurisdiction.

Don't miss this. You will be glad you didn't!


- Richard Cornforth - 1-404-920-6610 Ext. 921496# Sunday 8pm EST


Richard shows the why's and how's of the LAW OF VOIDS and VOID JUDGMENTS, and more importantly, what You can do to implement them. Many judgments, both civil and criminal, are inherently void for want of law and subject-matter jurisdiction: Richard's successes are based on thoughtful understandings of why, and what the courts have to say on this subject.