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  On Tethers, Limiting Beliefs & Fear & Greed -  Sept 28 2004.

Les Raketti

Remember the story of the tether and the elephant in the first page of this site and so it is with all of us. When you were growing up you were taught not to stray away from familiar territory for your own protection by the people that cared for you.

Some of these tethers are familiar to all of us "Don't cross the Street", "Don't talk to Strangers", "Don't Invest in the Stock Market", "Don't Do This & Don't Do That" - all are limiting beliefs and all are based on fear - the tether that keeps us in our place and prevents us from venturing further afield.

This is why we never progress much further than our own social group. You have to break the mold to be financially free - Use the suggested readings on "Success-P.D."(success & personal development) to help you on your way.

Use the other library links here to focus on Investments. Once you are into it you will realize that its all about "Fear & Greed" and until you become the master of your self you will continue to be the slave of your prior conditioning. You can't get around it - in order to be financially free you have to work on yourself - there's no short cut - save hanging out with people who have a similar goal and mindset and we are here for you once you take the step. So start reading.

Its what you don't know which is keeping you in the dark. And there is a good reason why certain information has not been released into the public domain. This is the same reason many inventions were bought out and never brought to market - simply because it was not in the best interest of shareholders to destroy a mature and established market. To name a few - "the cancer industry", the "pharmaceutical industry", the "legal industry", "the banking industry" the "education industry" . . .

The only way out is a process of self educating yourself and get access to information that has previously been not easily accessible to you. This process is not for everyone - it takes an effort and a determination to break those tethers and only the top 2% in the world ever do.

Take the first step - learn what the wealthy know, think like the wealthy think and do what the wealthy do. Its no coincidence that there exists a book called "Think and Grow Rich" its not " Go Rich and Think".

Sorry it just doesn't work that way to become one, you have to be one and it all begins with how you think. To Be, Just Be... Act ... & Do. That's how I would summarize a week long marketing event I attended in Las Vegas in December 2001 as a guest of the world's best marketer Jay Abraham. Amazing to me at the time - the whole seminar was geared to how you project your image into the world.

How you dress, how you talk - the words you use - the inflections - the tone, how you hold your self - your posture - your walk - your gestures and how you think - are you profit driven or service driven. In other words your external world is a direct reflection of your inner world and in that sense you are the creator of your own reality.

And if I lost you - that's okay - get on the path - take it one step at a time. It is a process - there is much more to this than just about making money - you have to change the way you think in order to get things working for you. A better way of putting it you have to start to think and behave in a way that works with all the natural laws of the universe and not be the one that gets in your own way.

To be really wealthy - it not about wealth at all its about 'how you feel' when you have no limiting beliefs. Imagine being 'free' to so whatever you want, whenever you want, where ever you want - the world exists for you as you exist for the world.

You have heard of the expression "The world is your Oyster" and as Jay says, "Opportunity is just like waiting at a Bus Stop". ( If you missed the first bus there's always another on the way). That's prosperity consciousness for you.

Visit U of - the path exists.

AND feel free to email me regarding encouragements suggestions etc. my intention is make this site a useful resource that you can come back to again and again.

Les Raketti


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