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Mutual Funds

Are a good investment unless you have the time and desire to trade in individual stocks. Buy a domestic diversified growth stock mutual fund and never sell it. Let the law of compound interest help you achieve your financial goals by reinvesting capital gains & dividends when fund distributes them to share holders.

And don't let market trends shake your conviction.


3 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom
1) Prove to yourself what returns you can expect by clicking on the link below and search the database for the top 10 funds. Instructions follow this paragraph.

CLICK HERE Top 10 Funds
In Fund Tool Box (on right) pick "Fund Quickrank"
In Select Fund Category pick "All Funds"
In Select Ranking Field pick "Total % 1 Year"
On the right you will see the yearly return on investment. Don't be surprized if the top funds have an average annual return of over 25%

At my last peek the top fund had an one year return of over 85%. Isn't that incredible! Will you ever be satisfied with a low rate of return again. But before you get too excited, just because these funds were exceptionally profitable this year doesn't necessarily mean they will be next year. Fund managers change, conditions change and a successful strategy this year is not necessaryily an effective strategy this coming year. As they say past performance does not guarantee future performance. You need a better criteria.

2) Review the FAQ's on Choosing Mutual Funds.

3) Now compare these results with the ranking as published by Investors Business Daily below based on a ten year average return. These funds have passed the test of time and have a consistent management approach that takes into account changing conditions in the market.

Review the list below and then repeat the search on the Top 10 Funds only this time pick in the Select Ranking Field pick "Total % 10 Years". The funds there are your best guarantee for an excellant investment return with a minimum of your time, having minimal risk and minimum effort or expertise.

The list below shows you the minimum amount of return you should expect for your investments. Its that easy to have a vision to wealth.

Bhe Top Mutual Funds based on 10-year Performance


1) Calamos Growth A         
10 Yr. Avg. Return +22.03%
Mid Cap Growth   36 Mnth Rating A+
Yr-Date -5.5%

2) Van Kampen Emerging Growth
10 Yr. Avg. Return +21.85%
Large Growth   36 Mnth Rating A+
Yr-Date -16.1%

3) INVESTCO Leisure Inv      
10 Yr. Avg. Return +21.63%
Mid-Cap Blend   36 Mnth Rating A+
Yr-date +6.9

4) Legg Mason Value Prim      
10 Yr. Avg. Return +21.54%
Large Value    36 Mnth Rating A
Yr-Date -0.7%

5) Smith Barney Agressive Growth
10 Yr. Avg. Return +21.13%
Large Growth   36 Mnth Rating A+
Yr-Date -2%

6) Weltz Partners Value      
10 Yr. Avg. Return +20.80%
Mid Cap Value   36 Mnth Rating A+
Yr-Date +1.4%

7) Putnam New Opportunities
10 Yr. Avg. Return +20.48%
Large Growth   36 Mnth Rating B-
Yr-Date -14.5%

8) MAS Mid Cap Grwth Inst   
10 Yr. Avg. Return +20.39%
Mid Cap Growth   36 Mnth Rating A+
Yr-Date -11.6%

9) Strong Advisor Common Stock.
10 Yr.Avg. Return +19.99%
Mid Cap Blend   36 Mnth Rating A-
Yr-Date -0.4%

10) Oppenheimer
10 Yr. Avg.Return +19.96%
Main St Growth & Income -Large Blend   36 Mnth Rating C+
Yr-Date -5.7%

- Investors Daily April 3. 2001 -

FAQ's on Choosing Mutual Funds.